PM-O-Line Extension Line

SKU: GS-3036
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Product Details
  • Small Bore High Pressure Extension Line.
  • Suitable for high pressure monitoring and for connection between syringe infusion pump and patient.
  • Multi-purpose extension line provided with male luer lock at one end and female luer lock at other end that fits all standard equipment, provides secure fitment.
  • Can sustain a pressure upto 10 kg/ cm² or 140 psi.
  • Sterile, individually packed in blister pack.
  • Box of 50/ Master Box of 600.
Length Prime Volume
10 cm 0.09 ml
50 cm 0.45 ml
100 cm 0.90 ml
150 cm 1.40 ml
200 cm 1.80 ml
250 cm 2.25 ml