Microperf Micro Drip Infusion Set

SKU: GS-3064
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Product Details
  • Micro drip infusion set with drop size reduced to 60 drops per ml for paediatric and critical therapy.
  • Made from non-toxic, clear, transparent P.V.C. material.
  • Sharp piercing spike for easy insertion in fluid container along with built-in preventive bacterial air vent.
  • Provided with 15μm disc type fluid filter to filter any particulate matter in the I.V fluid.
  • Long super smooth kink resistant tubing with efficient roller controller for accurate and unrestricted flow.
  • “Y” type injection port made up of isoprene provided for extra medication.
  • Fixed luer lock connector for secure fitment.
  • Sterile, disposable, non-pyrogenic, individually packed.
  • Box of 25 pcs.


Tube Length Drop Rate
150 cm 60 drops/ml