Intraflow AS Safety Infusion Set

SKU: SS-3061 AS
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Product Details
  • Safety Infusion Set.
  • Longer drip chamber fits firmly in the user’s hands, ensuring a better grip.
  • Vented spike fits tightly, ensuring easy insertion and removal.
  • Comes with unique air stop feature which is a hydrophilic filter membrane present at the bottom of the drip  chamber which prevents the entry of air in case of emptied fluid container thus, prevents air embolism.
  • Provided with an innovative prime stop, which is a hydrophobic membrane placed on the fixed luer lock fitting that stops fluid dripping on the floor.
  • Soft, clear 180 cm long kink resistant tubing.
  • Modified roller controller, comfortable to hold and manipulate, provided with tube docking port to hold the tube when set is not in use.
  • Spike dock is provided in roller controller for safe disposal of set after use.
  • Sterile, disposable, non-pyrogenic, individually blister packed.
  • Box of 10 pcs.


Special Features

  • DEHP free safety set
  • Air stop limits air embolism
  • Prime stop automates priming
  • Rotating luer lock


Tube Length Drop Rate
180 cm 20 drops/ml