Intra Cath - 2 (I.V. Cannula)

SKU: GS-3022
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IV Cannula Size
Product Details
  • Conventional I.V. Cannula.
  • Provided with wing, injection port and luer lock.
  • Manufactured from fully automated CAD/ CAM process.
  • Super sharp Japanese triple facetted beveled needle is designed with two cutting edges for smooth penetration.
  • Kink resistant FEP-Teflon cannula has extremely smooth inner and outer surface to ensure smooth flow.
  • Double tapered molded cannula tip.
  • Transparent flashback chamber for blood detection.
  • Sterile ; Box of 100 pcs.


Size Colour Length
14 G Orange 45 mm
16 G Grey 45 mm
18 G Green 45 mm
20 G Pink 32 mm
22 G Blue 25 mm
24 G Yellow 19 mm