Buretta Measured Volume Set

SKU: SS-3068
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Product Details
  • Premium Measured Volume Set.
  • Specially designed measured volume set with large calibrated burette chamber ensuring precision of prescribed dosage.
  • Equipped with a micro drip with reduced drop size of 60 drops/ml.
  • Provided with a long burette type chamber of 150 ml capacity.
  • Manufactured from USP CLASS VI approved PETG material suitable for infusing all types of fluids.
  • Sharp piercing spike provided with built in air inlet with microbial barrier filter.
  • Easy to read scale with white contrast background.
  • Unique floating auto shut off valve acts as a floating indicator and automatically shuts off the drain path when the chamber gets empty to prevent air embolism.
  • 100% latex free set provided with “Y” type injection port made up of poly isoprene for administration of additional medication.
  • No-kink device prevents kinking of tube during transportation.
  • Separate plugs for extra medication and change over.
  • Roller type flow controller provides accurate flow control.
  • Sterile, disposable, non-pyrogenic, individually packed.
  • Box of 10 pcs.


Tube Length Drop Rate
150 cm 60 drops/ml