Gastrolene PUR Polyurethane Feeding Tube

SKU: GS-4024
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Product Details
  • Polyurethane Feeding Tube.
  • Tube is completely inert and non-reactive to gastric juices.
  • Suitable for long term, extended usage of up to 4 weeks.
  • Transparent tube for clear view to continuously monitor the contents.
  • Soft rounded distal end with solid radio-opaque material sealed into the tube, to assist the passage of the tube during intubation and visualization of the tip on X-ray.
  • Four lateral eyes for efficient enteral feeding and aspiration.
  • Provided with full length yellow radio-opaque line for checking the tube placement and X-ray visualization.
  • The tube is marked at 50,60 and 70 cm from the tip for accurate placement.
  • Proximal end provided with dual port mount connector for safe connection with catheter mount or luer mount syringe.
  • Color coded for immediate size identification.
  • Sterile, individually packed in a peelable pouch.
  • Box of 10 pcs.
Size Length
12 FG 105 cm
14 FG 105 cm
16 FG 105 cm