Stereoscopic Microscope

SKU: 30009
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
  • The significant advantage of Stereoscopic Microscope is that by using two optical systems, an erect image of the object can be seen in three dimensions in the field of view with high resolution. Stereo Microscopes are being used in every field of Education, Electronics, Watch Industry, Tool Industry, Food Industry, Dissection of Organism, Medical Science, Inspection & Research purposes.
  • Observation Head : Binocular Head inclined at 45º, rotated through 360º, can be locked in any position by using thumb screws. The interpupillary distance is adjustable between 55 to 75 and the right eye tube has dioptric focusing adjustment.
  • Objective : The Microscope has a set of two standard Objectives 2X & 4X. The low & high powered objectives are selected by rotating the nosepiece through 90º, having parfocal magnification.
  • Eyepieces : The standard extra wide field eyepieces WF 10x is provided.
  • Magnification : Standard Magnification 20x & 40x with flat field.
  • Image : Erect, Three dimensional, Crisp and sharp image.
  • Focusing : By Rack and Pinion mechanism with adjustable tension collar.
  • Illumination : With Integral Illuminator, two lamps are fitted to provide both transmitted & incident illumination. The lamps can be switched on separately or together. Complete with a glass plate having two stage clips.
  • Power Supply : 220V-240V AC or 110V-120V AC, 50-60 Hz.
  • Accessories : Vinyl Cover, Dust Covers, Duster & Cleaning Brush.