Research Micorscope Co-Axial

SKU: 30006
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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  • Advanced Microscope for analytical and research work in Colleges, Laboratories, Hospital and Research Institution.
  • Microscopes are equipped with Co-axial focussing system and halogen illumination for bright and sharp image.
  • Robust construction with focussing knobs on both sides, this microscope is based on a 4-stage gear reduction system travelling on Ball-guides, the CO-AXIAL FOCUSING SYSTEM provides the highest degree of working convenience.
  • Large base with built-in hand rest contours provides stability to the instrument, having built-in base.
  • 6V-20W Halogen bulb operates on 220 volts or 100volts.
  • Light source is provided with on/off switch and the light intensity regulator.
Item Code Type
30006a Monocular Microscope
30006b Binocular Microscope
30006c Trinocular Microscope