Senior Medical Microscope

SKU: 30003
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details
  • This microscope is use throughout the length and breadth of this country at various levels-High school, Universities, Hospitals, Clinical & Pathological Laboratories and Research Institutes.
  • Body: Heavy U-Shaped Pressure Die Cast base with 90° inclinable body.
  • Paint: Scratch Proof highly resistant epoxy finish Paint.
  • Observation tube: Monocular Observation tube inclinable up to 90° and its Mechanical tube length 160mm.
  • Nosepiece: Triple revolving nose piece with accurate centring and positive click stops
  • Focusing controls: Coarse Focusing by Rack & Pinion motion with screw lock to prevent damage the slides. And fine focusing Motion by screw lever system with sensitivity of 0.002 mm..
  • Specimen stage: Fixed Square stage of 120 x 120 mm with detachable graduated Mechanical Stage having X and Y movements.It comes with Sub stage Moveable ABBE condenser N.A. 1.25 Fitted with double lens with Iris diaphragm to control the aperture and filter mount, which can be moved through Rack & Pinion motion by a knob on left side.
  • Light source: Illumination by plano-concave reflector mirror of 50mm diameter. (Interchangeable for electric illuminator 220 V- 15 W directly workable on mains)
  • Optical Combination: High Grade Achromate adjustable Objectives & Eye Pieces are used for true colour & contrast.
  • Objectives: A-grade Achromatic lens 10x, 40x/45x (SL) and 100x (SL)
  • Eye Pieces: Huygenian 5x and W.F.10x each.
  • Magnification : 100x to 1000x
  • Our objectives and eyepieces are well parafocalised and Antifungal treated as well as Blue coated.
  • Packing: Complete microscope packed in export-worthy thermocole case and Supplied with dust cover, cleaning cloth, lens cleaning paper, Immersion oil for objectives 100x & operating manual in English