Elementary Microscope

SKU: 30001
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details


  • The school microscope is designed for younger students of elementary education.
  • It meets the needs of Science Teaching and demonstration to beginners at school level.
  • Being light weight & handy, it helps carrying around and is simple to use, yet having features of a Compound Microscope.
  • Precision optical system features achromatic, Optical Glass Lenses and metal components are engineered for years of reliable performance.
  • Vertical Monocular Body Height - 275mm, Mechanical Tube Length - 160mm, Fixed Square Stage - 75x85mm, Rack and Pinion Motion for focussing, Plan & Concave Mirror 38mm.
  • Optical Combination : Achromatic Objectives - 10x.
  • Huygenian Eyepiece - 10x or 15x
  • Magnification : 100x or 150x.