Resuscitation Unit with Fixed Baby Cradle (General)

SKU: 75020
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

This is mobile Neonatal Resuscitation Unit mounted on wheels with fixed baby cradle & lower shelf along with facility of Oxygenation, Suction and Intubation

Mechanical Specification: 
Heater Box 

  • Consists of Ceramic Infra Red Heater 650 Watts
  • Metallic Heater Box.
  • The construction of the stainless steel reflector and Guard rail is such that the complete cleaning of heater & reflector is possible without any electrical shock hazards.
  • Halogen Examination Lamp (12 Volts, 50 Watts)
  • To provide accurate assessment of Infant colour and sufficient illumination during procedures.
Item CodeSize 
75020Microprocessor based temperature controller with 3 modes Skin/Air/Manual mode
75021Microprocessor based temperature controller with 2 modes Skin/Manual mode