Infant Radiant Warmer - INS

SKU: 75006
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited is recognized as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of best-quality Infant Radiant Warmers (INS) worldwide. Our INS model is crafted to deliver advanced warming capabilities, ensuring superior neonatal care in surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics globally. As a leading manufacturer, IndoSurgicals is committed to providing innovative and reliable medical equipment that meets the highest standards.


The INS Infant Radiant Warmer is equipped with a digital, microprocessor-based controller that offers a full spectrum of features. The dual function control modes—manual and baby (Servo)/Air—provide clinicians with the flexibility to optimize the thermal environment for infants. The dual digital temperature displays allow easy visualization of both patient temperature and set point, enhancing accuracy and ease of use.


Product Specifications:

  • Control System: Digital, microprocessor-based with automatic manual/baby (Servo)/Air modes
  • Temperature Display: Large skin/air temperature display switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Control Modes: Manual and Servo modes for flexible operation
  • Alarm System: Audible and visual indicators for high/low temperature, system failure, probe failure, power failure, timer, and optional heater fail/on visual alarm
  • Heater Assembly: Parabolic heater with integral examination light and 650-watt heating system (Silica, Quartz, or Ceramic) for quick and even heat distribution; swivels for procedures and X-rays
  • Air Mode: Optional air sensor that switches off the heater if air temperature exceeds 39°C
  • Manual Mode: Adjustable heating from 40% to 100%, with automatic switch to manual mode upon probe failure
  • Baby Bed: Spacious with drop-down/fold-down glasses; optional X-ray facility below the bed
  • Castors: High-quality 4" castors with brakes on the front two; optional antistatic castors
  • Additional Features: User-programmable settings for count up/down timer, check baby alarm, and pre-warming mode
  • Dimensions: Height - 1850mm, Length - 1050mm, Width - 650mm
  • Electrical Specifications: Power supply - 220V/50Hz, Heater power - 650 Watts, Fuse - 5 Amp


The INS model also features a check baby alarm (1-120 minutes), enhancing safety and monitoring. The spacious baby bed with easy drop-down sides ensures maximum access for healthcare professionals, facilitating efficient care. IndoSurgicals’ commitment to excellence makes us a trusted manufacturer and supplier in the global healthcare market, ensuring the best quality for neonatal care.