Infant Incubator Single Wall Canopy without Drawers

SKU: 75024
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

Technical Specification: 

  • Acrylic Doubled Wall Canopy with six port holes.
  • Front Loading.
  • Four Inlets for administration of O2, IV lines or Ventilator tubing.
  • Sliding Baby Tray with External jerk free gear based Head Up / Down facility.
  • X-Ray cassette sliding facility.
  • Stainless Steel rust free Heater, blower sub assembly with changeable micro Air filters.
  • Provision of adequate Storage by 3 drawers and an open shelf.
  • Humidity heater and Hygrometer.
Item CodeSize 
75024Micro computer based temperature controller with Skin/Air/Manual mode
75025Micro computer based temperature controller with Skin/Manual mode