Wringer Trolley with Double Buckets (25 Liter)

SKU: 18059
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited, a beacon of excellence in the healthcare manufacturing sphere, is acknowledged globally as one of the most significant and dependable manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of unmatched medical products. Our Wringer Trolley with Double Buckets (25 Liter) is a sterling example of our dedication to improving operational efficiency and hygiene within medical facilities. Specifically crafted for the demanding environments of surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics, this trolley is pivotal in advancing cleanliness standards and ensuring a safe, sterile environment for patient care.


Usage of Wringer Trolley with Double Buckets

The Wringer Trolley with Double Buckets (25 Liter) is ingeniously designed to facilitate a more effective and hygienic cleaning process in healthcare settings. By providing two separate 25-liter buckets, it allows for the segregation of clean and dirty water, thereby reducing cross-contamination and enhancing the effectiveness of cleaning routines. The addition of a utility bin and mop holder further optimizes the cleaning workflow, making this trolley an indispensable asset for maintenance staff.


Product Specifications

  • Construction: The trolley's frame is made entirely of stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of sanitation.
  • Capacity: Equipped with two buckets, each with a capacity of 25 liters, allowing for efficient water management during cleaning tasks.
  • Utility Features: Includes a utility bin and a mop holder, increasing the trolley’s functionality for comprehensive cleaning operations.
  • Wringer: Features a high-quality down press wringer, providing easy and effective mop squeezing.
  • Mobility: Fitted with lockable wheels for secure positioning and effortless maneuverability across various floor surfaces.
  • Handling: Designed with a long handle for comfortable, ergonomic operation.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Measures L 92 cm x W 37 cm x H 53.7 cm, with a weight of 11.6 kg, balancing compactness with ample capacity.



IndoSurgicals' Wringer Trolley with Double Buckets (25 Liter) is a testament to our commitment to fostering superior cleaning practices in healthcare facilities. It significantly contributes to maintaining high hygiene standards, essential for infection prevention and control, thereby supporting the health and safety of patients and staff alike.