Manual Needle Cum Syringe Hub Destroyer (Round Shape) Capacity 3 Ltr.

SKU: 18012
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited, an emblem of trust and quality in the healthcare manufacturing sector, proudly introduces the Manual Needle Cum Syringe Hub Destroyer with a generous 3-liter capacity and an ergonomic round shape. As one of the largest and most esteemed manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, our commitment to providing the best quality products has rendered us a cornerstone in surgical and medical settings globally. Our products, especially designed for surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics, are supplied to numerous countries worldwide, underscoring our global footprint in the healthcare industry.


Manual Needle Cum Syringe Hub Destroyer 3L Use:

The Manual Needle Cum Syringe Hub Destroyer is an essential tool crafted to bolster safety in healthcare facilities by stopping the reuse of needles and syringes, thus significantly mitigating the risk of needle-stick injuries among healthcare professionals. This product embodies our dedication to fostering safer medical environments through innovative, user-friendly, and environmentally responsible solutions.


Manual Needle Cum Syringe Hub Destroyer 3L Specifications:

  • Reuse Prevention: Specifically engineered to prevent the reuse of needles and syringes, ensuring a higher standard of hygiene and safety.
  • Protection Against Injuries: Designed to save healthcare professionals from the peril of needle-stick injuries, thereby promoting a safer workplace.
  • Independence from Electricity: Requires no electricity, offering unmatched convenience and the ability to be utilized in various settings.
  • Eco-Friendly Operation: Functions without burning, eliminating fumes, noise, and smell, contributing to a more pleasant and safe work environment.
  • Ample Capacity: Boasts a 3-liter capacity, minimizing the need for frequent disposal and thus enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Ergonomic Dimensions: With dimensions of L 17.5 cm x diameter x H 40 cm, it is built for ease of use and space efficiency.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Weighing 1.4 kg, its robust construction ensures longevity and reliability in demanding healthcare settings.


IndoSurgicals Private Limited is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare safety, and our Manual Needle Cum Syringe Hub Destroyer is a testament to our mission of improving medical practices worldwide. By choosing IndoSurgicals, healthcare facilities are equipped with not just tools, but solutions that are thoughtfully designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability.