Patient Identification Band (Adult)

SKU: 85061
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Id Band Color
Product Details
  • Patient Identification Band for Adult.
  • Made from soft non tearable vinyl which does not harm to the skin.
  • Accurate dimension & High functionality.
  • Durable & Easy to use.
  • Elegant design & Rugged construction.
  • Color : Black / Blue / Green / Orange / Pink / Yellow / White / Red
  • Supply will be made as per Color available.
  • Application : Patient ID bands are an important way to reduce patient safety risks. Patient mis-identification continues to result in medication errors, transfusion errors, testing errors, wrong person procedures. Today, with hundreds and thousands of patients being admitted and discharged from hospitals and nursing homes every day; identification of patient using wristbands is an integral component of smooth running and helps minimize medical errors and administrative issues can be handled efficiently.
SKU Color Packing
85061 Black 50 Pcs.
85062 Blue 50 Pcs.
85063 Green 50 Pcs.
85064 Orange 50 Pcs.
85065 Pink 50 Pcs.
85066 Yellow 50 Pcs.
85067 White 50 Pcs.
85068 Red 50 Pcs.