Instrument Tray (Stainless Steel)

SKU: 70008
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
  • These instrument tray are made from high quality stainless steel which is long lasting and rust free.
  • Instrument tray with cover/lid.
  • All size are approximate and measured from inner to inner.
SKU Size (approx.) Quality
70008 200x79x40mm (8x3x1.5") General
70009 200x79x40mm (8x3x1.5") Deluxe
70010 201x150x48mm (8x6x2") General
70011 201x150x48mm (8x6x2") Deluxe
70012 227x152x48mm (9x6x2") General
70013 227x152x48mm (9x6x2") Deluxe
70014 254x200x48mm (10x8x2") General
70015 254x200x48mm (10x8x2") Deluxe
70016 271x177x48mm (11x7x2") General
70017 271x177x48mm (11x7x2") Deluxe
70018 305x203x48mm (12x8x2") General
70019 305x203x48mm (12x8x2") Deluxe
70020 305x250x48mm (12x10x2") General
70021 305x250x48mm (12x10x2") Deluxe
70022 352x251x48mm (14x10x2") General
70023 352x251x48mm (14x10x2") Deluxe
70024 376x300x48mm (15x12x2") General
70025 376x300x48mm (15x12x2") Deluxe
70026 450x300x50mm (18x12x2") General
70027 450x300x50mm (18x12x2") Deluxe