MUAC Tape for Child & Adult - Deluxe Quality

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Introducing IndoSurgicals Deluxe Quality MUAC Tape for Child & Adult – Your Precise Solution for Malnutrition Assessment!

As a globally trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of best quality MUAC Tapes, IndoSurgicals Private Limited is committed to improving healthcare practices worldwide. Our MUAC Tapes find widespread use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, nutritionist centers, schools, clinics, and maternity homes, aiding in the crucial identification of malnutrition cases.


Key Features and Benefits:


Accurate Malnutrition Assessment: Our measuring tapes are specially designed to measure the Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) of both Adults and Children. Particularly in children, the MUAC tapes play a critical role in identifying malnutrition cases, enabling timely intervention and care.


Premium Quality Materials: IndoSurgicals MUAC Tapes are crafted from flexible, washable, non-tearable, and non-stretchable PVC material, ensuring durability and reliability. The tapes are engineered to withstand all commercially available cleaning products, maintaining their accuracy and color even after repeated use.


Child MUAC Tape Specifications:
- Measurement Range: Up to 26.5cm
- Graduation: 1mm
- Color Coded for Severity of Malnutrition:

  • Red (Severe) - 0-11.5cm
  • Yellow (Moderate) - 11.5-12.5cm
  • Green (Normal) - 13.5-26.5cm


Adult MUAC Tape Specifications:
- Measurement Range: Up to 45.5cm
- Graduation: 1mm
- Color Coded for Severity of Malnutrition:

  • Red (Severe) - 0-21cm
  • Yellow (Moderate) - 21-23cm
  • Green (Normal) - 23-45.5cm


Seamless Malnutrition Classification:
Our MUAC Tapes feature color-coded cut-off points, making it convenient for healthcare professionals to classify malnutrition severity accurately. The clear distinction between severe, moderate, and normal conditions facilitates prompt decision-making and appropriate care planning.


Versatility at its Best:
IndoSurgicals MUAC Tapes are available for both Child and Adult applications, catering to diverse healthcare settings. From child malnutrition assessment programs to adult nutritional monitoring, our tapes prove invaluable in delivering optimal care.


Embrace IndoSurgicals MUAC Tape for Child & Adult – the Deluxe Quality Solution for Malnutrition Assessment. With our reliable and accurate measuring tapes, you can make a significant impact on healthcare outcomes. Join us in the mission to combat malnutrition and enhance the well-being of individuals worldwide!


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20035 MUAC Tape for Child
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