Infantometer Baby Measuring Device

SKU: 20014
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing the IndoSurgicals Infantometer Baby Measuring Device – Your Ultimate Solution for Precise Infant Height Measurements!

IndoSurgicals Private Limited takes immense pride in being a world-leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of top-quality Infantometer, trusted by hospitals, healthcare facilities, nutritionists, clinics, and maternity homes worldwide. Our Infantometer sets the standard for accuracy and reliability in measuring the height of newborns and infants.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Sleek Acrylic Base: The Infantometer boasts a sleek, broad acrylic base, providing a stable platform for accurate measurements. The smooth surface ensures the baby's comfort during the process.
  • Adjustable Sliding Side: With one sliding side that can be effortlessly adjusted to match the baby's length, our Infantometer offers unparalleled flexibility. This adaptability guarantees precise readings for infants of different sizes.
  • Dual Scale Readings: The device features a dual scale, enabling direct and convenient readings in centimeters and inches, covering measurements up to 90cm. This comprehensive scale makes the measurement process effortless for healthcare professionals.
  • Foldable Design: For utmost convenience, the Infantometer is designed with folding sides, allowing for easy storage when not in use. Its space-saving feature ensures seamless organization in busy healthcare settings.
  • Comfortable Baby Placement: The unique design of the Infantometer allows the baby to comfortably lay on the chest of the scale during measurements, ensuring a secure and reassuring experience for both the little one and caregivers.
  • Two Available Sizes: IndoSurgicals offers the Infantometer in two convenient sizes: 18" x 5" (Length x Width) and 18" x 7" (Length x Width). Choose the one that perfectly suits your specific requirements.


Embrace the IndoSurgicals Infantometer Baby Measuring Device – Your Trusted Companion in Infant Healthcare. With our cutting-edge device, healthcare professionals can confidently assess the growth and development of newborns and infants. Join us in enhancing infant care standards and ensuring the well-being of the tiniest patients worldwide!


SKU Size
20014 18" x 5" (Length x Width)
20024 18" x 7" (Length x Width)