Height Measuring Scale / Stadiometer

SKU: 20015
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
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  • Height Measuring Scale, floor model without weighing scale.
  • Measuring range : 20 - 210cm with 1mm Graduation. Measuring in inches and centimeters.
  • Height stand disassembles into 4 sections & easy to transport in disassembled condition.
  • Suitable for height measuring at any location.
  • Accurate, portable, durable and light weight with all plastic parts.
  • Suitable for medical practices, hospitals, nursing home, school, home etc.
  • Supplied with knock down condition with how to assemble manual in English language.
  • A height measuring scale is a piece of medical equipment used for measuring human height. It is usually constructed out of a ruler and a sliding horizontal headpiece which is adjusted to rest on the top of the head. Height measuring stands are used in routine medical examinations and also clinical tests and experiments.
  • IndoSurgicals Private Limited is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, supplier & exporter of height measuring stand in Delhi, India.