IndoSurgicals Aluminium Tuning Fork Set of 5 in Zipper Bag

SKU: 15208
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals, the world's largest and most trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Tuning Forks, proudly presents the IndoSurgicals Aluminium Tuning Fork Set of 5 in a convenient Zipper Bag. Our commitment to delivering the best quality products is unparalleled. Here are the exceptional features of our Aluminium Tuning Fork Set:


  • Set of 5 Aluminium Tuning Forks: This professional healing set includes tuning forks with frequencies of 128 Hz, 256 Hz, 512 Hz, 1024 Hz, and 2048 Hz. Each tuning fork is expertly crafted to deliver accurate and reliable results.
  • Zipper Bag: The set comes in a handy zipper bag, providing a secure and convenient storage solution. The bag ensures that your tuning forks are protected and easily accessible whenever you need them.
  • Premium Quality Tuning Forks: IndoSurgicals is committed to offering the finest quality tuning forks for evaluating hearing and vibratory sensation. Our tuning forks are made from high-grade aluminium, ensuring durability and exceptional performance. With our dependable materials, you get the best value for your investment.
  • Best in Class: Our tuning forks are produced with superior craftsmanship using steel bar construction. This results in outstanding performance and consistent frequency accuracy. Each tuning fork is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and portable. Whether you use them at home, medical school, or clinics, they are perfect for healing, Weber and Rinne hearing tests, musical instrument tuning, bone conduction tests, and more.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use: The Aluminium Tuning Fork Set is designed to meet the needs of professionals and students alike. With their extra-long handles made of turned smooth metal, they facilitate bone conduction tests effortlessly. These tuning forks are made of durable yet lightweight materials, providing comfort, ease of use, and convenience for on-the-go applications.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a one-year warranty against any manufacturing and material defects. IndoSurgicals Tuning Forks are trusted by doctors, nurses, medical students, EMTs, CNAs, and other healthcare professionals worldwide.


Choose the IndoSurgicals Aluminium Tuning Fork Set of 5 in a Zipper Bag for a comprehensive and reliable solution for sound healing. These tuning forks, made from high-grade aluminium, deliver exceptional performance. With their premium quality and portability, they are perfect for professionals and students in various healthcare settings.

Experience the satisfaction of using a superior product backed by our warranty. Trust IndoSurgicals to provide you with the best quality tuning forks for effective diagnosis and healing.