IndoSurgicals Dulcet® Black Stethoscope

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BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

IndoSurgicals Private Limited, one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers and suppliers in the medical industry, proudly presents the IndoSurgicals Dulcet® Black Stethoscope. Renowned for its best quality and innovative design, this stethoscope is an essential tool for medical professionals worldwide. Ideal for nurses, paramedical staff, medical students, nursing students, hospitals, and clinics, our stethoscope meets the highest standards of excellence and reliability.


Product Use:

The IndoSurgicals Dulcet® Black Stethoscope is designed to aid healthcare professionals in accurately diagnosing and monitoring patients. Its high acoustic sensitivity ensures precise detection of heart, lung, and other bodily sounds, making it an indispensable instrument for doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners.


Product Specifications:

  • Soft Sealing Ear Tips: The stethoscope features soft sealing ear tips that provide superior comfort, conforming gently to the ears for a secure and comfortable fit during extended medical examinations.
  • High Acoustic Sensitivity: With its exceptional sound quality, the Dulcet® Black Stethoscope allows for the detection of even the faintest sounds, ensuring accurate and reliable diagnoses.
  • Comfortably Angled Binaural Tube: The binaural tube is ergonomically angled to fit perfectly around the neck, reducing strain and allowing for effortless and prolonged use.
  • Double Sided Chest Piece Technology: The stethoscope's double-sided chest piece technology enables seamless switching between high and low frequencies, catering to diverse patient needs.
  • Aluminium Epoxy Powder Coated Chest Piece: Crafted with an aluminium epoxy powder-coated chest piece, this stethoscope is durable and resistant to wear and tear. The non-chill rim enhances patient comfort during examinations.


Purchase Information:

Experience the convenience of online shopping and purchase the IndoSurgicals Dulcet® Black Stethoscope from trusted platforms like or (available only for Indian buyers). With just a few clicks, this exceptional stethoscope can be yours, ready to enhance your medical practice. Invest in excellence today with IndoSurgicals, a name synonymous with quality and trust.


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