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IndoSurgicals Stethoscope FAQ

What steps should I take if sound is not audible through my IndoSurgicals stethoscope?


If you are having trouble hearing sound through your IndoSurgicals stethoscope, please follow these guidelines:


Refer to the Instruction Manual: If this is your first time using an IndoSurgicals stethoscope, we recommend referring to the instruction manual provided on the back side of the product box. This manual contains important information on how to properly use the stethoscope.


Watch the Video Manual: For a more interactive guide, you can watch our video manual available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_kX2paiMjA. This video will walk you through the features of the stethoscope and demonstrate how to use it correctly.


Contact Us for Support: If you have followed the instructions and are still experiencing issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at +91 93500 93400 for further assistance.


Our team is here to ensure that you have a smooth experience with our products, and we are committed to resolving any issues you may encounter.

1. What types of stethoscopes are available from IndoSurgicals?

IndoSurgicals manufactures stethoscopes under two brands: Dulcet and Silvery. Our range includes various models such as:

IndoSurgicals Dulcet® Black Stethoscope

Silvery® Stethoscope

Silvery® II-SS Stethoscope

Silvery® III Stethoscope

Silvery® III-SS Stethoscope

Dulcet® II-BR Pediatric & Neonatal Stethoscope

Dulcet® Pediatric & Neonatal Stethoscope

Silvery® Teaching Stethoscope (Double Tube)

Regular Stethoscope

Black Gold Acoustic Stethoscope

Cardiology Aluminium Stethoscope

Cardiology Stainless Steel Stethoscope

Aluminium Pinard Foetal Stethoscope


2. Can I purchase IndoSurgicals stethoscopes online?

Yes, you can purchase our stethoscopes through our online platform at www.meddeal.in, as well as through other reputable online stores such as www.amazon.in and www.flipkart.com.


3. What is the price range of IndoSurgicals stethoscopes?

Our stethoscopes are priced between ₹289.00 and ₹1,899.00.


4. Are IndoSurgicals stethoscopes suitable for both adults and children?

Yes, we offer a variety of models designed for both adults and pediatric patients.


5. Is there a warranty on IndoSurgicals stethoscopes?

Yes, all of our stethoscope models are covered under warranty, though the duration of coverage varies across different models. To activate your warranty, please register your product by visiting https://www.indosurgicals.com/warranty.php. Upon successful verification, IndoSurgicals will send you a confirmation along with a PDF copy of your warranty card, which includes a unique warranty number. Please ensure to retain this warranty card, as the warranty number is essential for processing any warranty claims, and claims without a valid warranty number cannot be entertained.


6. How do I clean and maintain my IndoSurgicals stethoscope?

Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution, such as Colin, is sufficient. Avoid using harsh detergents or corrosive cleaning agents.


7. Can I replace parts on my IndoSurgicals stethoscope, and where can I get them?

Yes, replacement parts are available and can be purchased through our online website at www.meddeal.in.


8. What materials are IndoSurgicals stethoscopes made from?

Our stethoscopes are made from a variety of materials, including aluminium, brass, and stainless steel.


9. Are IndoSurgicals stethoscopes latex-free?

Yes, our products are latex-free.


10. How does the sound quality of IndoSurgicals stethoscopes compare to other brands?

Our stethoscopes offer excellent sound quality.


11. Can I personalize or engrave my IndoSurgicals stethoscope?

Personalization and engraving services are available for select models. Please contact our team for more information.


12. Do IndoSurgicals stethoscopes come with a carrying case?

No, our stethoscopes do not come with a carrying case.


13. What should I do if my IndoSurgicals stethoscope is not working properly?

If you are experiencing any issues with your IndoSurgicals stethoscope, please reach out to our customer support team for assistance. You can contact us through WhatsApp at +91 9350093400 or send an email to info@indosurgicals.com. When reaching out, make sure to provide your warranty number, order ID, or invoice number to help us serve you more efficiently.


14. Are there any user manuals or guides available for IndoSurgicals stethoscopes?

Yes, a user manual is printed on the back of the product box. You can also request a video user manual from our customer support.


15. Is customer support available for IndoSurgicals stethoscope users?

Yes, we offer customer support for our users.


16. Can non-medical professionals purchase and use IndoSurgicals stethoscopes?

Yes, our stethoscopes can be used by anyone, including those who wish to monitor blood pressure at home.


17. How do I ensure I am purchasing an authentic IndoSurgicals stethoscope?

To ensure authenticity, purchase directly from our online store at www.meddeal.in or verify that IndoSurgicals is the seller on Amazon and Flipkart. If in doubt, contact our customer care for verification.


18. What is the shipping policy for IndoSurgicals stethoscopes?

Retail orders are shipped on the same day after receiving confirmed orders with full payment. For bulk orders of more than 100 pieces, please inquire about our sales offers.


19. Are there any reviews or testimonials available for IndoSurgicals stethoscopes?

Yes, there are over 8,000 reviews and feedback available on Amazon, Flipkart, MedDeal, and Google. Search "IndoSurgicals Stethoscope" on Google to read them.


20. How can I find a service center for IndoSurgicals stethoscopes if needed?

IndoSurgicals has a service center located in New Delhi, India. The address is C-117, Third Floor, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi, INDIA - 110064. You can contact us at +91-11-49092567.

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