IndoSurgicals Silvery® Stethoscope

SKU: 15018
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing the IndoSurgicals Silvery® Stethoscope – a perfect blend of precision, comfort, and style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stethoscope offers exceptional performance for healthcare professionals. Here are its outstanding features:


  • Light Weight Machined Aluminium Sand Anodized Chest Piece: Experience the perfect balance of durability and elegance with the light weight machined aluminium sand anodized chest piece, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • High Acoustic Sensitivity: Capture even the slightest of sounds with remarkable clarity. The IndoSurgicals Silvery Stethoscope provides high acoustic sensitivity, enabling accurate and reliable diagnoses.
  • Soft, Flexible, and Latex-Free PVC Tube: Enjoy optimal comfort during extended use with the soft, flexible, and latex-free PVC tube. It offers superior quality and single lumen design for enhanced sound transmission.
  • Soft Sealing Ear Tips: Experience exceptional comfort with the soft sealing ear tips, providing a secure fit and reducing ambient noise for clear and accurate auscultation.
  • Black Zinc-Plated Brass Anatomically Angled Binaural Tube: The stethoscope features a black zinc-plated brass anatomically angled binaural tube with an internal stainless steel binaural spring. This design ensures a comfortable fit and increased durability.
  • Black Zinc-Plated Brass Metal Diaphragm Retaining Ring: The black zinc-plated brass metal diaphragm retaining ring adds to the stethoscope's longevity and secure diaphragm placement.
  • High Sensitive Imported Diaphragm: Enjoy exceptional sound response and clarity with the high sensitive imported diaphragm, allowing for precise diagnoses.
  • Spare Diaphragm and Ear Tips: For added convenience, this stethoscope comes with spare diaphragms and ear tips, ensuring uninterrupted usage and easy maintenance.
  • Two-Year Unconditional Warranty: IndoSurgicals stands behind the quality and reliability of their stethoscope, offering a two-year unconditional warranty for peace of mind.
  • Available in Five Colors: Choose from a range of five vibrant colors - Black, Blue, Grey, Green, and Cherry Red - to suit your personal style and preference.
  • Name Engraving: Add a personalized touch to your stethoscope with the option of name engraving, making it uniquely yours.


Experience the convenience of online shopping and purchase the IndoSurgicals Silvery® Stethoscope from trusted platforms such as and (Online purchase is available only for Indian buyers). Elevate your medical practice with this exceptional stethoscope that combines superior performance, comfort, and style. Invest in excellence today!

Item Code Color
15018 Black
15019 Blue
15020 Grey
15021 Red
15022 Green