FAQ - Laryngoscopes

IndoSurgicals Laryngoscope FAQ

Q: Which laryngoscope is most commonly used?

A: The Macintosh blade is the most commonly used laryngoscope in adults.


Q: Which laryngoscope is used in children?

A: The Miller blade is commonly used in children and newborns.


Q: Which laryngoscope is used in newborns?

A: The Miller blade or other straight blades are typically used.


Q: What are the two types of laryngoscopes?

A: There are mainly two types: direct laryngoscopes (traditional) and video laryngoscopes.


Q: What is the new type of laryngoscope?

A: The video laryngoscope is a newer type that allows for better visualization of the airway.


Q: What are the best video laryngoscope brands?

A: Some of the top brands include Karl Storz, Medtronic (McGRATH), GlideScope, and C-MAC.


Q: What is the use of C-Mac laryngoscope?

A: The C-MAC laryngoscope is a type of video laryngoscope that provides a clear view of the vocal cords and helps in guiding the intubation process.


Q: What are 3 uses of laryngoscope?

A: Laryngoscopes are used for endotracheal intubation, aiding in the visualization of the vocal cords and the trachea, and for diagnostic purposes.


Q: What is the principle operation of laryngoscope?

A: It works by providing a direct line of sight to the vocal cords, allowing for easier insertion of an endotracheal tube.


Q: Why is laryngoscope used in CPR?

A: It is used to open the airway and facilitate endotracheal intubation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


Q: How do you sterilize a laryngoscope?

A: The blades and handles should be disassembled and cleaned. The metal parts can be autoclaved, while the plastic parts may require high-level disinfection.


Q: What is the safety of laryngoscope?

A: Proper sterilization and handling are crucial to prevent cross-contamination and ensure patient safety.


Q: What is a laryngoscope tool?

A: It is a medical device used to obtain a clear view of the vocal cords and the glottis.


Q: Why are laryngoscope curved?

A: The curved shape of some blades, like the Macintosh, is designed to fit the anatomy of the throat and provide a better view.


Q: What size is a laryngoscope?

A: Laryngoscope blades come in different sizes, suitable for adults, children, and infants.


Q: How do you check a laryngoscope?

A: Ensure that the light source is working, the blades are clean, and the handle has functioning batteries.

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