Tooth Extraction Forceps

SKU: 21051
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

Tooth Extracting forceps are used to extract tooth designed for use in specific areas of the mouth. IndoSurgicals Tooth Extraction Forceps Set  is a perfect need for extractions in minor oral surgery. The beak is shaped to confirm snugly to the contour of the tooth.This makes it easier to reach different teeth effectively.Dental forceps handles are shaped so that a maximum amount of force can be applied to the beaks, while the handles are still in a comfortable position for the oral surgeon.

Package Contents:

1. Upper Anteriors #1

2. Upper Premolars #7

3. Lower Premolars #13

4. Upper Molars Right #17

5. Upper Molars Left #18

6. Upper Roots #51A

7. Upper Third Molars #67A

8. Lower Molars #73

9. Lower Roots #74

10. Lower Molars (Cowhorn) #86

11. Upper Molars Right (Cowhorn) #89

12. Upper Molars Left (Cowhorn) #90