Sterilization Cassette for Dental Instruments

SKU: 45265
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing IndoSurgicals Sterilization Cassette for Dental Instruments – your trusted companion for safe, organized, and efficient instrument handling in dental clinics worldwide. As one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Sterilization Cassettes in the world, IndoSurgicals Private Limited is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to hospitals, small clinics, and dental clinics across the globe.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Safety and Secure Instrument Retention: Our Sterilization Cassettes, also known as Sterilizing Cassettes, offer a secure and safe way to handle dental instruments. Crafted from durable stainless steel 304, these cassettes come equipped with silicone inserts, ensuring instruments are held firmly in a perforated housing during sterilization.
  • Versatile Designs and Sizes: We offer Sterilization Cassettes in various design patterns and sizes, catering to a wide range of dental instruments. Experience the convenience of organizing instruments in a systematic manner, ultimately improving procedure times.
  • Protects Instruments: By using our Sterilization Cassette, you can safeguard your dental instruments from premature dulling and failure, thereby reducing instrument replacement costs. Enjoy enhanced longevity and optimal performance of your valuable instruments.
  • Efficient Handling and Transport: Our cassettes simplify the handling and transportation of instruments, streamlining your dental operations. Their ergonomic shape ensures ease of gripping and handling, saving valuable time for dental hygienists.
  • Enhanced Safety and Reduced Risk: With our Sterilization Cassettes, you can eliminate the need to handle sharp instruments during sterilization, reducing the risk of injury to your staff. Embrace a higher safety level and create a secure work environment.
  • Autoclave Compatibility: Our cassettes are designed to withstand the heaviest sterilization conditions. They can be safely sterilized in an autoclave at 134°C for 18 minutes with a pressure of 2.0 bar.
  • Versatility in Dental Procedures: IndoSurgicals Sterilization Cassettes find applications in various dental operations, including implant surgery, endodontic procedures, placement of membranes, dental fillings, and more.
  • Improve Sterilization Efficiency: Experience an efficient sterilization process with the free flow of air and fluid within the cassette. The transparent design keeps instruments visible and organized, further expediting procedures.


Upgrade your dental practice with IndoSurgicals Sterilization Cassette for Dental Instruments. Choose from available sizes: 185 x 90 x 20mm (for 6 Instruments) and 185 x 125 x 20mm (for 10 Instruments). Enjoy the benefits of our ergonomic, efficient, and safety-enhancing Sterilization Cassette in your dental clinic. Trust IndoSurgicals for excellence, innovation, and reliable solutions in the world of dental instruments and equipment.


SKU Size
45265 185 x 90 x 20mm (for 6 Instruments)
45267 185 x 125 x 20mm (for 10 Instruments)