Horizontal Autoclave Rectangular (Triple Wall, Radial locking)

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BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing the IndoSurgicals Horizontal Autoclave Rectangular (Triple Wall, Radial locking), a reliable and efficient solution for sterilization. As one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Horizontal Autoclaves, IndoSurgicals Private Limited provides top-quality autoclaves used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, food processing units, pharmaceutical manufacturing units, tissue culture labs, and laboratories worldwide.


Key Features and Specifications:

  • Size/Capacity Range: Our Horizontal Autoclave is available in a size/capacity range of 190 liters to 850 liters, offering a wide range of options to meet your specific sterilization requirements. This ensures that you can choose the optimal autoclave size for your facility.
  • Principle of Sterilization: The sterilizer operates on the principle that the microbiological action of saturated steam at elevated temperatures is rapid and effective. All models of our Horizontal Autoclave work on the principle of downward displacement of air, which is the most economical and efficient method of achieving sterilization.
  • Robust Construction: The Triple Walled construction of our Autoclave features an Inner Chamber, Outer Wall, Lid, and Ring made of high-quality SS 304 Grade material. The leak-proof argon welding ensures durability and reliability. The Autoclave is mounted on a sturdy mild steel frame with ground-leveling screwed flanges, providing stability and easy installation.
  • Advanced Control and Safety Features: Equipped with essential control and safety features, our Horizontal Autoclave offers convenience and peace of mind. The Autoclave incorporates a pressure control device, digital temperature controller with a digital timer and alarm, and a low water cut-off device. These features enhance control, precision, and safety during the sterilization process.
  • Operating Temperature and Power Supply: The Autoclave operates at a sterilizing temperature range of 121°C to 134°C, ensuring effective sterilization. It is designed to operate on a suitable power supply of 440 V, 3Ph, 50 Hz, AC, meeting international electrical standards and compatibility.
  • Optional Features: For enhanced functionality and convenience, we offer optional features at an additional cost. These include a fully automatic sterilization cycle with auto purge and exhaust, installed with three solenoid valves, and a vacuum pump. These optional features provide advanced sterilization capabilities and further enhance the versatility of the autoclave.


Choose IndoSurgicals Horizontal Autoclave Rectangular (Triple Wall, Radial locking) for reliable and efficient sterilization. With its robust construction, effective sterilization principle, advanced control and safety features, and optional enhancements, this autoclave meets the highest quality standards and delivers dependable sterilization solutions. Trust IndoSurgicals as your preferred partner for all your sterilization needs.

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190 Litres



330 Litres



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810 Litres