Dental Autoclave Micro Chip Controlled, 10 Liters

SKU: 45050
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

The IndoSurgicals Dental Autoclave Micro Chip Controlled is fully automatic autoclave. It's a unique machanism generates steam under pressure and temperature between 120C° to 125C°. On reaching the right temperature the instruments are subject to a saturated steam environment for a pre specified time which results in safe and complete sterilization. It is sturdily constructed in rust-proof, heavy gauge Aluminum sheet. 


Chamber Diameter225 mm
Total height with lid280 mm
Capacity with lid10 ltrs.
Sterilizing Temperature121°C
Operating Pressure15 psi
Wattage1000 w
Power Supply220 v
DisplayLED Digital Display
Sterilizing CycleMicro Chip Controlled
Suitable for Single Drum size 8" X 8"