Oxygen Cylinder

SKU: 40024
BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Introducing the IndoSurgicals Medical Oxygen Cylinder, a top-quality product from one of the largest and most trusted suppliers and exporters in the world. Our Medical Oxygen Cylinder is widely used by hospitals, healthcare facilities, and clinics worldwide. With our extensive distribution network, we supply our Medical Oxygen Cylinder globally. Let's explore the exceptional features and specifications of our Medical Oxygen Cylinder:


  • Versatile Usage: IndoSurgicals Medical Oxygen Cylinder is designed for use with pipeline/ward/boyles anesthesia machines and for general medical use. It is a reliable and essential equipment for delivering medical-grade oxygen to patients.
  • High Pressure Supply and Quality: Our cylinders are renowned for their high-pressure supply and exceptional quality. We have developed these cylinders to meet international standards and ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  • Wide Range of Pressure: The nominal service pressure of our Medical Oxygen Cylinder ranges from 8 Kpa to 40 Kpa, providing flexibility in delivering the appropriate oxygen pressure based on specific medical requirements.
  • Diverse Color Options: Our cylinders are available in white and black colors, allowing for easy identification and differentiation based on your preference or organizational needs.
  • Various Water Capacities: IndoSurgicals offers Medical Oxygen Cylinders with water capacities ranging from 2.2 to 46.7 liters. This diverse range ensures that you can select the cylinder size that best suits your specific medical setup and requirements.
  • Working Pressure: Our Medical Oxygen Cylinder operates at a working pressure of 150 kgf/cm2, ensuring reliable and consistent oxygen delivery to patients.
  • Empty Cylinder Type: Our cylinders are supplied empty, providing flexibility in terms of filling and usage. This allows you to source and refill the cylinder with medical-grade oxygen from authorized suppliers as per your specific requirements.
  • Made in India: Our Medical Oxygen Cylinder is proudly made in India, adhering to stringent quality standards and manufacturing norms. You can trust the quality and reliability of our cylinders, knowing that they are produced in a reputable facility.


IndoSurgicals is committed to providing the best quality Medical Oxygen Cylinder at competitive prices. Choose our cylinders to ensure a safe and reliable oxygen supply for your medical needs. Join hospitals, healthcare facilities, and clinics worldwide in relying on IndoSurgicals for their medical oxygen requirements. Experience the difference of our Medical Oxygen Cylinder today, and provide optimal care for your patients.


Item Code Capacity
40024 2.2 Ltrs.
40025 3.0 Ltrs.
40026 5.0 Ltrs.
40027 10.2 Ltrs
40028 46.7 Ltrs.