Emergency Resuscitation Kit

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BRAND: IS IndoSurgicals®
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Product Details

Introducing the IndoSurgicals Emergency Resuscitation Kit, manufactured by IndoSurgicals Private Limited, a leading and trusted provider of high-quality medical equipment worldwide. Our Emergency Resuscitation Kit is designed to meet the urgent needs of hospitals, healthcare facilities, emergency response teams, and clinics in various critical situations. With our kit, you can take immediate life-saving measures at accident locations, emergency wards, general practices, and more. 


Key Features of our IndoSurgicals Emergency Resuscitation Kit:

  • Automatic Resuscitator: Our kit includes a pneumatically controlled, time-cycled, flow-adjustable, positive-pressure ventilator. This automatic resuscitator provides reliable respiratory support in emergency situations. It offers easy operation with inspiratory and expiratory adjustments, allowing for breathing frequency control in adults and children.
  • Standard Accessories: The kit comes with three sizes of face masks with tubing, a small oxygen cylinder, a single-stage single-gauge regulator, a cylinder key, and a provision for using a larger cylinder with tubing fitted with a metal end. It also includes a refilling kit for convenient cylinder refilling.
  • Manual Resuscitator: We provide a manually operated resuscitator with double inlet valves for air and oxygen attachments. This manual device offers an alternative method for respiratory support.
  • Oxygen Inhalation: Our kit features an oxygen flow control system that allows for adjustable oxygen flow from 0 to 10 liters per minute by simply turning the O knob. It comes with nasal oxygen catheters, adult and child poly masks, and ventimasks for air and oxygen concentration, all supplied with tubings.
  • Suction Pump: The included manually operated suction pump is designed for aspirating mucus, blood, or other secretions from the airways of adults, children, or infants. It can be operated manually or from gases by turning the suction knob. The kit is supplied with a suitable suction catheter.
  • Intubation Set: Our comprehensive kit also includes an intubation set that consists of a laryngoscope with three blades and a handle, endotracheal tubes with cuff and plain in four sizes, an endotracheal connection set of 12, Magill's introducing forceps, and a mouth bite.
  • Diagnostic Instruments: The kit is equipped with essential diagnostic instruments such as a stethoscope, an aneroid sphygmomanometer, a percussion hammer, a tongue spatula, an examination torch, and a clinical thermometer.
  • Infusions, Dressings & Others: We provide an I.V. rod in two sections, I.V. set disposables, adhesive plaster, sterilized gauze, rolled bandages, dressing scissors, dissecting forceps, tissue forceps, hemostatic forceps, a needle holder, disposable syringes, disposable needles, and splints.


Trust IndoSurgicals for reliable and comprehensive emergency resuscitation equipment. Our Emergency Resuscitation Kit is designed to meet the highest quality standards and provide crucial support in critical situations. Choose IndoSurgicals for your resuscitation needs and experience the confidence of working with a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of medical equipment.