Green Silicone Resuscitator (Adult) Autoclavable

SKU: 40000
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details

The IndoSurgicals Silicone Ambu Type Bag is a self-inflating manual resuscitator that is intended for patients requiring total or intermittent ventilatory support. Ventilation is possible with or without supplemental oxygen. The IndoSurgicals silicone ambu type bag provides positive pressure ventilation and allows spontaneous breathing with a face mask or an artificial airway. The IndoSurgicals silicone ambu type bag is available in three sizes: The adult model is intended for patients over 25 kg (55 lb). The pediatric model is intended for patients from 2.5 kg to 25 kg. The neonatal model is intended for patients below 2.5 kg.

Ambu Type Bag (Adult) Details: 

  • Artificial resuscitator made from silicone (Green color)
  • Artificial Resuscitator Bag Capacity 1600 ml/2000 ml. approx folding silicons bellow.
  • Non Rebreathing Valve
  • With translucent face mask size: 4.
  • 360° Swivelling Patient Connector
  • Standard 15mm inside/22mm outside diameter
  • Corrugated tube PVC or Oxygen Reservoir with valve
  • 1.5 mtr Oxygen Tubing
  • 100% latex free.
  • Autoclavable
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