Anesthesia Apparatus

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Introducing the IndoSurgicals Anesthesia Apparatus, manufactured by IndoSurgicals Private Limited, a trusted provider of high-quality medical equipment worldwide. Our Anesthesia Apparatus is designed to meet the needs of hospitals, healthcare facilities, and clinics, ensuring safe and effective administration of anesthesia. 


Key Features of our IndoSurgicals Anesthesia Apparatus:

  • Technical Specification: Our apparatus features two gases rotameters for oxygen and nitrous oxide, allowing precise control of gas flow. The oxygen flowmeter has a range from 100 cc/min to 10 liters/min, while the nitrous oxide flowmeter ranges from 200 cc/min to 12 liters/min.
  • Standard Fresh Gas Outlet: The apparatus is equipped with a standard fresh gas outlet, providing a connection point for the delivery of gases.
  • Change Over System: Our apparatus includes an open circuit to close circuit changeover system, offering flexibility in the delivery of anesthesia.
  • Emergency Flush Valve: The front panel of the apparatus features an emergency flush valve connected to the incoming oxygen supply, ensuring a quick and efficient flush of the system.
  • Goldman Type Halothane Vaporizer: Our apparatus is equipped with a Goldman type halothane vaporizer for precise administration of inhalational anesthetics.
  • Additional Vaporizer Parking Space: The apparatus provides a dedicated parking space for two additional vaporizers, allowing for easy access and quick changeover during procedures.
  • Safety Features: Our apparatus includes a non-return cum pressure relief valve to minimize the risk of backflow of gases. It also features a blows off valve that activates when the pressure exceeds 200 cm of water column. These safety features ensure the safe and reliable operation of the apparatus.
  • Provision for Ventilator and Carbon Dioxide Absorber: The apparatus offers provisions for fitting a ventilator and carbon dioxide absorber, providing comprehensive anesthesia support.
  • Extended Platform and Top Tray: The rear of the apparatus features an extended platform for two 'B' type cylinders. Additionally, a top tray is provided at eye level for conveniently placing monitoring equipment during procedures.
  • Maggill's or Bains Circuit: Our apparatus can be used with either a Maggill's or Bains circuit, offering versatility in anesthesia delivery.
  • Storage and Mobility: The apparatus is designed with a spacious drawer on smooth runners for storing essential supplies. It is mounted on a four-caster trolley, with front two lockable wheels, allowing for easy mobility and stability.
  • Safety and Monitoring: The apparatus includes pin index yokes for oxygen and nitrous oxide, ensuring proper gas connections. It also features high-efficiency regulators for reliable oxygen and nitrous oxide delivery.
  • Safety Features: Our apparatus is equipped with safety measures to ensure patient well-being. In case of oxygen supply failure, the nitrous oxide supply is automatically cut off. Additionally, a low-pressure oxygen audible alarm alerts the user to low oxygen pressure.


Choose IndoSurgicals for reliable and high-quality anesthesia apparatus. Our Anesthesia Apparatus is designed to meet the highest standards of safety, functionality, and ease of use. Trust us for your anesthesia needs and experience the confidence of working with a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of medical equipment.


Note: Please note that cylinders, circle absorbers, and other items not mentioned in the specifications above are available at an additional cost.


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