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Laboratory Reagents & Fine Chemicals

Dehydrated Culture Media
Dehydrated Culture Media These high quality dehydrated media are made so you can mix them yourself consistently when needed. Just add water. Available in quantities of 100 g and 500 g. Store at 2 to 8°c away from direct light.
Laboratory Reagents
Laboratory Reagents Used in many potential applications in chemical laboratories. Careful control ensures that a consistently high-defined quality is maintained throughout.
Analytical Reagents
Analytical Reagents Used for analytical purpose and research work where high purity is essential. The certificate of analysis, give the minimum assay and maximum limits of trace impurities.
Fine Chemicals
Fine Chemicals Purified products used in many chemical laboratories
Rare Earth Oxides
Rare Earth Oxides Purified minerals used in many chemical laboratories
HPLC Solvents
HPLC Solvents Production of HPLC solvents done under clean room conditions, sophisticated distillation & extensive containers cleaning process Ensure Consistent Quality, Batch To Batch.
High Purity Acids
High Purity Acids Purified acid used in many potential applications in chemical laboratories.
PH Indicators & Solutions
PH Indicators & Solutions Indicators & ready to use solutions for accurate results.
Concentrated Volumetric Solutions
Concentrated Volumetric Solutions Solutions of higest accuracy in concerntrated form. Just dilute as per norms and use for laboratory.
Biological Stains
Biological Stains These chemicals are provided as power and ready to use solutions for microbiology, histology, hematology and cytology. Stringent testing on all batches is performed to ensure all specifications given in H. J. Conns biological stains (1977).