Instruments Sets

IndoSurgicals is the largest and leading manufacturer of orthopedic instrument sets, providing all the necessary instruments required for specific procedures. Our instrument sets are carefully curated and supplied in graphic boxes for easy organization and access. We use the best quality raw materials and design our instruments to ensure convenient and flawless use.


Our product range includes:

1. Large Fragment Instrument Set: This set contains instruments specifically designed for the fixation of the Large Fragment Bone Plates. It is commonly used in procedures like fracture fixation in long bones.

2. Small Fragment Instrument Set: Designed for the fixation of Small Fragment Bone Plates. It is used in procedures such as hand and foot surgeries.

3. DHS/DCS Instrument Set: This set is used for the fixation of Dynamic Hip Screw Plate and Dynamic Condylar Screw Plate fixation in hip fractures. 

4. Titanium Elastic Nail Instrument Set: This set is used for the fixation of long bone fractures using titanium elastic nails. It includes instruments for nail insertion, extraction, and locking.

5. Spine Pedicle Screw Fixation Instrument Set: Designed for spine surgeries, this set includes instruments for the placement of pedicle screws, rods, and connectors.

6. Cannulated Cancellous Screw Instrument Sets: We offer different sizes (4mm and 7mm) of cannulated cancellous screw instrument sets for effective fixation of cancellous bone fractures.

7. Bipolar, Austin Moore, and Thompson Prosthesis Instrument Set: This set contains instruments required for hip replacement surgeries using bipolar, Austin Moore, or Thompson prosthesis.

8. ACL/PCL Reconstruction Instrument Set: Designed for ligament reconstruction surgeries, this set includes instruments for tunnel preparation, graft placement, and fixation.

9. Broken Screw Removal Instrument Set: This set is specifically designed for the removal of broken or stripped screws during revision surgeries.


Trust IndoSurgicals for comprehensive and high-quality orthopedic instrument sets that cater to your specific surgical needs. Our instruments are reliable, durable, and designed to enhance surgical precision and efficiency.

Please send your Instruments Sets requirement with quantity at so that we can provide you our best CIF/C&F prices.

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