MUAC Tape for Child & Adult - Deluxe Quality

SKU: 20035
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
  • This measuring tapes are used to measure the mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) of Adults and Children. MUAC tapes are predominately used to measure the upper arm circumference of children, helping identify malnutrition. The tapes are colored at various cut-off points reflecting severity of malnutrition.
  • Material: Flexible, Washable, Non tearable & Non- stretchable PVC.
  • Printed scale and colour can withstand all commercially available cleaning products.

Technical specifications for CHILD MUAC Tape:

  • Measurement range: Upto 26.5cm.
  • Graduation: 1mm.
  • Color coded: Red (sever) 0-11.5cm; Yellow (moderate) 11.5-12.5cm; green (normal) 13.5-26.5cm

Technical specifications for ADULT MUAC Tape:

  • Measurement range: Upto 45.5cm.
  • Graduation: 1mm.
  • Color coded: Red (sever) 0-21cm; Yellow (moderate) 21-23cm; green (normal) 23-45.5cm.
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20035 MUAC Tape for Child
20036 MUAC Tape for Adult