Autoclave Vertical Stainless Steel Nut Locking (Sterilizer Dressing Pressure Type), Electric

SKU: 45201
BRAND: IndoSurgicals
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Product Details
  • Double Wall Single Chamber Autoclave. The Inner Chamber, Outer Wall, Lid, Ring made of Stainless Steel. The instrument is absolutely leak proof .Equipped with Pressure Gauze, Safety Valve, Double Safety Valve, Steam Release Valve, Vacuum Release Valve, Rubber Gasket, Inner Container, Inner Tripod Stand and Mild Steel Legs for Autoclave. The autoclave can hold the in between 5psi to 20 psi.
Item CodeApprox. Size (Inch)Approx. Capacity (Ltrs.)
4520110” x 18”23 Ltrs.
4520212” x 22”40 Ltrs.
4520314” x 22”52 Ltrs.
4520414” x 25”60 Ltrs.
4520516” x 24”75 Ltrs.
4520618” x 24”95 Ltrs.
4520722” x 30”180 Ltrs.