Needle and Syringe Destroyer

Manual Needle & Hub Cutter

Salient Features:
  • Ultra Durable, High Impact Resistant, Autoclavable Container.
  • High Quality, High Strength Stainless Steel parts ensure the medical professional of smooth long term operation.
  • Optimum quality, Manually operated & this hub cutter is used to cut the syringe needle and their hub.
  • Easy to use, Safe, Hygienic & Durable & No Maintenance cost.
  • Pyrogen Free Non - Toxic Material ensures safety for the user.
  • Supplied with 10 units of Polythene Bag for containing contaminated sharp’s.
  • Approx. Size : 11.5 x 11.5 x 13.5cm.
  • Approx. Weight : 360 Grams.

How to use:
  • Insert the plastic bag into the container, turn it over the rim and close the container.
  • Insert the syringe in the Needle & hub cutter slot, next move the blade handle along the indicated direction till the end to destroy the needle.

The syringe now is effectively destroyed & rendered useless.
  • Dispose off the remaining syringe as per Bio-hazard pollution norms.
  • This is a highly durable and easy to use device, despite all efforts that have been put careful while handling a device with contaminated sharps.
  • Do not tilt the device more than functionally necessary.
Manual Needle & Hub Cutter

Instant Needle Burner & Syringe Destroyer

  • Syringe & Needle Destroyer is electrically operated equipment helps to destroyer/melt the needle and mechanically cuts the syringes immediately after use. Reusing the Syringes or needles causes major infectious diseases. The equipment has a single step operation with push to open receptacle. The heavy duty transformer Incinerates the needle instantaneously as it is inserted in the slot and syringe nozzle is terminated by pulling the blade handle manually.
  • Power: AC 220V - 50Hz
Instant Needle Burner & Syringe Destroyer

Needle & Syringe Destroyer, Manual

  • Needle Syringe Destroyer with 3 in 1 operation in single body i.e. burning of needle, cutting of syringes and manual cutting of needle are also provided in case of electricity failure.
  • Machine has strong metal body with powder coating for longer life.
Needle & Syringe Destroyer, Manual
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